Friday, July 24, 2009

Redesigning a logo - The Pepsi case

Changes are always difficult to deal with. Specially if it’s something you’re used to see for many years, and suddenly that same thing changes completely. That’s why redesigning a logo can be very tricky. You’re dealing with a human feeling, and you can’t change that. And if it’s not well done, you may throw away years and years (and lots of money) of successful branding and marketing campaign. Of course a person will not stop buying a product just because its logo has changed. But it will cost you a lot of money in marketing and advertising campaigns to make everyone familiar and comfortable with the change. And that’s what Pepsi is going through. Their new logo is generating a lot of comments. Some good, but some of them are really bad. My personal opinion: I like it. The slim font looks way better than the bold one and the logo looks young and modern, which is what Pepsi is all about. So I don’t understand all that fuzz around it. Maybe in a few years people will think different.

The only thing I don’t agree with is the way that the logo changes from the regular Pepsi to the light Pepsi. You can’t have two logos, even though the idea of making a thinner element for a light product is interesting. But they could have done this with the can, for example. Not with the logo.

Check out the Pepsi logo evolution below, and some other interesting examples of logo redesign.

pics via abduzeedo

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