Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thinking outside the box

Many factors should be considered when designing a package. The brand value and image are at stake. It plays a very important role in the positioning process and, if it's well done, can boost a product's sales. And it's even more important for certain categories of products, such as alcoholic drinks and electronic devices. Here's some examples of creative and efficient packaging designs:

And below there's a new trend in the packaging design, which is the reuse of the package after the product has been consumed. Packages are being used as furniture, decoration pieces, home appliances, toys etc. It's definitely a great way to add value to the product, giving your brand a huge advantage in the buying decision. Check out some examples:

As you can see, a product's package can be used in may ways, and it's very effective to promote a new product, a promotion or just to differentiate your brand from the others. So if your designing a package, think outside the box. Literally.

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