Friday, June 12, 2009

Recession is in the eye of the beholder

This article, with the same title as this post, was written by Bart Cleveland, who's is creative director and a partner of McKee Wallwork Cleveland. He put out some thoughts, from the agency point of view, about how to deal with the recession and how to use it to make your client's business grow.
In my opinion, times like these are great to review some concepts and to innovate. Both agencies and clients. Instead of raising prices, why not invest in a loyalty program so the loss your having now can be transformed into profits in the future? Instead of firing staff why not stimulate them with a performance based salary, so everybody wins? Instead of a TV commercial, why not an alternative and cheaper media?
Of course that depends on the business structure, but sometimes there are some simple but effective ideas to beat recession. Before making any decision, make sure you thought about all possibilities. Try to avoid the cliches. Especially nowadays.

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