Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Zack Johnson's viral videos

You won't believe who's behind this viral campaign. It doesn't look like a commercial, but it is. A really well done commercial. It's a story of a guy who wakes up one day to find his "guy parts" gone and replaced by "girl parts". I'm gonna post the video with the 4 episodes so far.

Need a clue? Watch the last episode again, the part he goes to the women's washroom. See a brand there? Yes, it's Procter&Gamble's Tampax. It was made by Leo Burnett from Chicago, and quoting a P&G's spokesman "It was inexpensive for us to do this one little effort and kind of get a feel for how much pickup it gets, if it goes viral or if it doesn't". Well, it did.
Nice approach by P&G to reach the young audience. It's amazing how they created a story with a guy as main character so connected to the girls' world. No one would think of choosing a guy as spokesman to sell tampons. Hats off to P&G and Leo Burnett.
via Ad Age

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